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A community driven Web 2.0 membership site built around fans and makers of film entertainment. This project has an extensive MySQL database backend with over 100,000 various records stored, sorted and searchable. The primary site scripting was done with PHP5 in addition to some sleek AJAX implementations for features and functionality.


Complete graphic design and data driven solution for this all-partisan American Politics watch and review portal. Built upon a PHP/MySQL backend with some DHTML (Dynamic HTML) additions the focus was on creating an environment that was informative and open to active participation on major political issues of the day.


A custom CMS (content management solution) built upon a PHP/MySQL backend for the membership based American Society of Professional Communicators.


A complete graphic design and eCommerce solution for a lingerie etailer that included various features of user interaction built upon PHP and XML datafeed files.


A graphic layout design and custom CMS (content management solution) built upon a PHP/MySQL backend for the S.T.O.P. Primary Residence Protection Plan grassroots effort in Pennsylvania.